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Brief Introduction to, founded in 1997, is developed from a large oil painting production enterprise in the beautiful city Xiamen located in southeast Fujian Province in China. It has a registered fund of over US$1.6 million and owns more than 30 workshops with more than 900 employees. It is specialized in production of oil paintings, picture frames, and other art products of various styles.
Before 2001, focused on sales in the domestic market in China and was the main source of goods for many big oil painting suppliers in Xiamen. In 2001, employed a more ambitious management strategy aiming at increasing the competitiveness of its products and exploring the oil painting markets over the world. After unremitting efforts of several years, the oil paintings, picture frames, and other art products produced by are the most competitive -- decent qualities and good prices, stable quality and timely delivery. The monthly export has amounted more than a 33 cubic meter cargo container. The products have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and other regions, and have gained a high opinion.
The main product of is oil painting. The monthly output has reached more than 200 pieces of Museum quality, 3000 pieces of high quality, and 5000 pieces of decent commercial quality. We have more than 300,000 pieces of manuscripts (model pictures) for your selection. You can select manuscripts you are interested, and we will produce oil paintings of various styles, dimension, and quality from them, according to your requirements. We believe our products will meet your satisfaction.
Many oil paintings produced by are completed by professors, teachers, and students of well-known art colleges. While enriching their painting skills, the artists are exploring new drawing techniques, new oil painting styles to satisfy the worldwide commercial needs for oil paintings. Clicks on the lists of the oil paintings in our website will display parts of the works by our artists. High quality and high efficiency are our promises to you.
We possess large exhibiting halls and production workshops to ensure the functioning of production, processing, and exhibition. If you are interested, your visits will be cordially welcomed.
Packaging and transportation can be according to your requests, or based on the calculation to optimize and rationalize the packing and transportation. Nice-looking packaging and safe and prompt transportation are expected.
Pursuing profit has been the final goals for commercial activities, but in, this is not the only objective. will consider the needs of our customers more than profits such that both and its customers double-win the cooperation, which, in turn, promotes our long-term cooperation and expansion. You will gain our warm welcome. Your arrival will promote the mutual understanding and exchange between us.
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